Mugaba – the ethnic name for the Mountain Syringa tree. Believed in local culture to be a giver of life due to its ability to store large quantities of pure water in above ground thickened roots, accessible to humans and animals alike during times of drought.

 Similarly, Mugaba Safaris believes in the value of sustainable hunting to be a giver of life. We embrace and promote the conservation value of fair chase hunting and the sustenance of our species and communities through the income generated through our activities.

Mugaba Safaris is a proudly South African based company with our core business being trophy hunting. Our diverse network of hunting concessions across Southern Africa enables us to offer most of the huntable species of the sub-continent. In addition to trophy hunting, we also offer photographic safaris and helicopter charters. Our most popular hunts are for Cape Buffalo and through the years we have gained the reputation of being a specialist Cape Buffalo hunting outfit of exception.

We employ a team of Professional Hunters with collectively more than 60 years African hunting experience. They operate under a code of conduct that will exceed your expectations and they pledge to guide you on your dream hunt, to share their knowledge and experience, to keep you safe at all times and to create your ultimate African hunting experience that will result in many stories to tell for years to come. Our clients always leave as lifelong friends, eager to return to the next African hunting adventure as soon as possible.

Our packages are mostly all-inclusive with accommodations in luxury lodges. We cater for individual needs and a range of experience levels. Whether you are a bow- or rifle hunter, Mugaba Safaris will set you up for the best chance of success. For most, this will be a once in a lifetime experience – we will ensure you return home with lifelong memories and unmatched stories to tell. Let’s create your story together today.

Mugaba Safaris is a proud member of the Professional Hunter’s Association of South Africa and Safari Club International. We partner with Lifeform Taxidermy and Highveld Taxidermists to see to all your taxidermy requirements.

We look forward to Exceed your Expectations – Welcome to Mugaba Safaris



As a young boy growing up in Africa, Patrick had a keen affection for conservation, hunting and the African bush – he understood the value of sustainable hunting for the purpose of conservation. He grew up to understand the value of trophy hunting in the South African economy. This, combined with his keen sense of business, allowed Patrick to turn his passion into a sustainable and profitable Safari outfit.

Through his dedication to become one of the best, Patrick embarked on a journey from a young age to hunt every possible huntable species of the African sub-continent. At age 26, Patrick has hunted all of the Big Five species numerous times in own capacity. In addition, he has hunted more than 90% of the huntable species of Southern Africa. Today, with countless Big Game and Plainsgame hunts on his record, and with his wealth of knowledge to guide you on the perfect hunt, with either rifle or bow and arrow, you can be assured a hunt of a lifetime comparable to none.

Although being highly successful, Patrick is a humble individual that lives an unbreakable set of core values. These include the principles of trust, integrity, always putting in the best of effort, developing others and ethical conduct in everything he does. He lives by his motto of Exceeding Expectations – in his personal and business life.

Patrick is a founder member of the Wild Africa Hunting hunting and fishing DVD series and the Radical Hunter – African Bowhunter shot placement and bowhunting educational software. He is also a former PSE Archery Pro member.

Other than being a qualified Professional Hunter and hunting Outfitter, Patrick holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering, an MBA and a Commercial Pilot License. His passion for conservation and professional hunting resulted in the publication of two dissertations through the University of Pretoria in South Africa, namely:

  1. The trophy hunting industry of South Africa: A proposed model to ensure its viable future
  2. Environmental accounting: A management tool for enhancing corporate environmental and economic performance

A vivid entrepreneur, Patrick ensures his values are instilled in his business and his team members. He employs highly competent individuals that share his vision and his passions. Yes, Patrick is a relentless perfectionist, and that serves him well to deliver only the best to his clients. Mediocre does not exist in Patrick’s vocabulary. Patrick continues to adapt to changing market demands, macro- and microeconomic conditions and legislation to ensure Mugaba Safaris continues to offer the best to our clients at competitive rates.

Today, through Patrick’s leadership and vision, Mugaba Safaris is truly a premier African Safari outfit that will continue to exceed expectations for many years to come.


I have hunted in Africa many times and I can say with complete sincerity that Patrick de Beer is totally professional. great company and keeps his cool in a tight situation. I cannot recommend him enough.

Peter Carr, Editor in Chief, Sporting Rifle Magazine, UK

This was my first experience of Mugaba Safaris and Kalahari Lion hunting. I was not disappointed, the hunting was exhilarating and Patrick de Beer a real professional. Thanks for a great time Pat, see you next year.

Andrew, UK

First time experience in Africa! Patrick was recommended to me by a good friend. He exceeded all expectations, was very professional and great fun to hunt with…I’ll be back!!

Paul Childerley, UK

Thank you for the great hunt. I never had a better time in my life.

Mark Sullivan, PH, USA

Hello Patrick, Just returned home, long trip !!! Thanks again for a GREAT HUNT !!! EVERYTHING was as advertised and more. Let me Thank You Again for possibly the best hunt I’ve had in Africa, A thrill a minute, you’re a GREAT host and know the value in what you do.

Jim Rough, Canada

Knowing what it takes to become and obtain the skill and knowledge of an expert bow hunter was the driving force of my decision to hunt with Patrick. This proved to be an outstanding decision on my part.

John A. Mavilla, World Class Hunting LLC., USA

Patrick and his PH’s were excellent and with a great sense of humour; by far the best and the best deals in my experience.

Col. JE Yates, USA

Patrick. Thank you for a wonderful hunt. I spent a lot of time deciding whether to hunt Lion up in Zim. or in South Africa. I heard a lot of miss-information about South African Lions being drugged and canned. At least in your case that could not be farther from the truth. Your professionalism and integrity eased my concerns. My hunt was better than what I had dreamed. My Lion was healthy and active , and the charge ruled out any idea of him being lethargic. This was my 18th hunt in Africa both Zimbabwe and South Africa. This hunt ranks as one of the top hunts I have had. My Lion was huge and his mane spectacular. I can say I made the right choice in selecting Mugaba Safaris for my Lion. Many thanks.

PS. The helicopter flight was wonderful.

Bob Schofield, USA


What is the best time of the year to hunt in South Africa?

Although we are exempt to hunt throughout the year, the cooler months are preferred for trophy hunting, i.e., 1 May to 30 September. Not only are the temperatures moderate but also the risks for hair slippage on the trophy and meat rot are reduced. Daytime temperatures average 70F and nighttime temps drop down to 45F.

What is the duration of a typical safari?

It largely depends on the species and number of animals which you anticipate to hunt. Best value for money is to book one of our existing packages then add additional days to the package based on our advice on the amount of additional time required for adds-on animals or activities.

Do you offer activities other than hunting?

Our core business is hunting but as an additional extra to any hunting package we can offer photographic safari excursions to the Kruger National Park. In addition, we also offer Helicopter charters

Are your hunts family friendly?

Absolutely. We cater for all age groups and experience levels. If only you will hunt, you are welcome to bring your family along as observers

Is South Africa safe?

Yes. Your safety is our main concern throughout and we will not expose you to areas where potential risk resides, which are mostly limited to city centres.

Do I need to take insurance for my trip?

Yes, it is highly advised to sign up with an insurance company for the duration of your trip, e.g. Global Rescue. Medical evacuation costs can be crippling and we need you to be covered for the duration of your trip.

How do I book a hunt?

Select your desired package and send us an email with your preferred hunting dates and add-on animals. We will then forward you a quote based on your requirements. Once you agree with the quote, you proceed to forward us your deposit for your hunt. Your deposit secures your hunting dates and is not refundable. You are welcome to change dates if required and if we can accommodate. Payment via wire transfer to our Chase bank account in the USA.

How do I make final payment?

  • Balance payments of the Safari as follows: 50% of the package cost one (1) month prior to the commencement date of the Safari and remaining balance of the package cost on the last day of the Safari.
  • Upgrades, any other additional Safari expenses and add-on species hunted to be paid, in full, on the last day of the Safari.
  • Payments in cash or wire transfer only. Mugaba Safaris has a Chase bank account in the USA for your convenience in this regard.
  • If not paid in cash, proof of successful wire transfer required for all last day of the Safari payments.
  • We do not accept card or cheque payments.
  • Invoices will be issued on the last day of the Safari.

Ok, I have now booked my hunt, what next?

We will issue you a remuneration agreement to complete as well as a client information questionnaire. The remuneration agreement is a legally binding contract between you and us. The client information questionnaire requests confirmation of your insurance provision for the hunt, next of kin contact details, dietary requirements, fitness and experience levels etc. in order to get you know you a bit better before the hunt.

Where do I fly into South Africa?

OR Tambo International airport in Johannesburg. We may request you to fly into Kruger Mpumalanga International in Nelspruit should your hunt take place in the east of the country

How do I import my rifles into South Africa?

This is a straight forward process – we will forward you the contact details of a partner organization that does this on your behalf at minimal cost. They will ensure all paperwork is completed in accordance of our importation requirements and they will walk you through the process up to the point where you have you rifle safely in your possession at the airport

Do I need my own rifles to enjoy a safari with you?

No, Mugaba Safaris has rental rifles available for your convenience, but we do prefer that you bring a rifle that you are accustomed to.

How long a drive from the airport to the hunting concession?

It depends on where your hunt will take place. To the north is 4 hours, to the east is 6 hours (hence our proposal to fly into Kruger Mpumalanga International instead which reduces drive time to 1 hour), and to the west is 8 hours. Your PH will meet you at the airport and drive you to the concession in an air conditioned vehicle.

Is the helicopter an option instead?

Yes, we can have you on the concession in no time with the helicopter. This is a cost effective way to see South Africa from 500ft above ground level. We fly over some pretty awesome features along the way and what is best is you get a free flip over the hunting concession to get a Birdseye view of where your hunt will take place. Only 3 people can be accommodated per chopper and baggage size and weight limitations do apply. We will send you the necessary information and costs separately.

How does a typical day on safari look like?

We wake you at dawn for a light breakfast with fresh coffee, tea and juices. From there we gear up and drive the concession until fresh tracks are found or when we spot suitable trophy sized animals to hunt. We then disengage from the vehicle to hunt further on foot. Mugaba Safaris adheres to a strict policy of no hunting from vehicles and no rifle hunting from bow hunting blinds. Tracking down your trophy animal is where the real hunt starts. We hunt until around 11am in the mornings from where we head back to camp for a brunch. We set out to the bush again at 2pm after an afternoon siesta (we can skip this part if needed). We then hunt until dusk. The day’s hunt is concluded with a sundowner drink in the bush or around the campfire. Snacks are served after we have freshened up followed by a hearty South African dinner.

What level of fitness is required for an average hunt?

We adapt the pace of the hunt to your fitness level, but in some circumstances we may need to up the pace to keep up with our quarry. We do recommend though that you engage in light to moderate walking in advance of your hunt to prepare you for the hunt and also to ensure your hunting boots are well treaded in.

I have never hunted before and want to give this a try. Do you cater for first timers?

Absolutely yes. We will guide you through the process step by step and ensure you leave our safari as a hunter for life.

Are there emergency facilities close by?

Hunts in the Kalahari is far removed from medical facilities, whereas hunts in the north and east have medical facilities in close proximity. We require you to have insurance for medical evacuation for the duration of your trip.

How do I export my trophies to my home country?

Mugaba Safaris partners with Lifeform taxidermy and Highveld Taxidermists respectively. We are only responsible for field preparation of your trophies and transportation thereof to the taxidermy. Once checked in at the taxidermy, the taxidermy will contact you directly to confirm your order and to forward you a quote based on your mounting instructions. Raw preparations are also and option, i.e., where you mount your trophies in your home country. Once mounted, the taxidermy will contact you with regards to shipping of your trophies to your address of preference.

Do you cater for disabled hunters?

It depends on the degree and nature of your disability. Please send us the details to advise.